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Grow old gracefully. Aging does not have to be a painful process, or something you dread. Growing older can actually be quite enjoyable. Follow our helpful tips and you will see just how wonderful aging can be. Read on to find out what you can do to enjoy the aging process.

Years ago when I left my marriage I carted loads of stuff around the countryside with me for three house moves before I finally let go of it all. In the end I realised it was more to do with some vague sense of security than anything to do with the things themselves. Gradually, as my confidence grew, I realised I didn’t need that stuff any more.

Color-blocking. We saw this last spring and it has made its return again. This seventies-inspired look is a bright, fun way to differentiate from the typical neutral-colored fall spicy sugar clothing. Express has many options in-store and online to satisfy this trend.

First, seek the advice of your doctor. He will suggest a change in your diet and recommend an exercise program. The diet may be a low calorie diet, or a low-carb diet, depending on your likes and dislikes where food is concerned. Note that it is extremely difficult to remain on a diet where you don’t like the food, or you can’t eat the foods that you do like. Take this into consideration when discussing your diet with your doctor.

Jerry’s April Showers raincoat Denim clothing made from a shower curtain was creepy to say the least. Mixed with yellow dishwashing gloves and rain boots, the overall look was frightening and totally unwearable.

So, now you’ve finished with that first shelf or drawer you can go to your plan, take a fat coloured pen and cross it off the list or put a big tick beside it. It’s done and when you feel ready you can move on to the next task, until gradually the whole plan will be a mass of ticks or crossings out — and won’t you feel fantastic then?

A Skirt. It presents your excellent-student style. Couple lightweight dark skirt with black tights in chilly weather. For a curvy look, you can also mix and match loose cardigan with flowing skirt or add a big jacket longer than your skirt.