Christian Music Radio Legend Signs Off

In the previous “Transforming the Subconscious Mind” article, we started to look at how “visualization” and an assertive program of affirmations read daily can be a very powerful tool to overcome mental patterns that lead to binging and compulsive overeating.

Now you can edit your frames. Click on a frame in the left panel to select it. You can edit that frame by clicking Tools > Editor. The editor window will open and you can edit that frame. To edit the next frame, click on it and click Tools > Editor again. Do this for each frame that you need to edit.

Don’t get thrown off by confusing or unfamiliar ideas, words, or details. Many professors and some speakers use words that are unfamiliar. Or, they may talk about things that go over your head. The key is to not be distracted from the points the speaker is trying to make.

Be positive. Try to be more positive with your thoughts throughout the day. When you start getting negative feelings that bring you down, try to stop them in their tracks. Picture a red traffic light in your head. It’s time to stop and let those negative feelings go. When you are ready to think positive, picture a green light allowing you to continue your thought process. In order to help you with some positive thoughts, try reading inspirational quotes or listening to inspirational background music. It can be very uplifting.

When you are planning your cocktail area, don’t forget to set up a spot for the musicians. Often for cocktails, couples want just pleasant background music, so you are not going to need a full orchestra. Look into alternatives like a harpist, violinist, solo singer, or three piece combo for a perfect fit.

Keep stress low, think of the positive. Everyday bring new challenges and we have to channel the way we address them. When negatively is brought to the surface, the balance falls out of sequence (Work – Life Balance).

As Joseph Campbell said, ‘Follow your bliss.’ Engage in that which connects you with the state known as bliss. That means everything from the people you spend time with, the books you read, exercise you choose – all of it. Discover what allows your passion to soar and make time for it. That’s how we plug into high frequency energy. As much as possible, declutter all the rest.

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