Christmas Stress Free – Top Planning And Time Management Tips!

American Pad & Paper Co., or AMPAD as they are called today, invented the legal pad around 1886 in the northeastern town of Holyoke, MA. Legal pads are often called \”yellow pads\”, and some people assume they got their name because the legal profession uses so many of them. However, the term \”legal\” when used in office supplies language actually refers to the size of the product – legal size being 14\” long pads versus letter size pads which are 11\” long. In fact, today far more letter size \”legal\” pads are sold than legal size as consumers prefer the smaller size sheet of paper that is the same size as standard copy paper.

Be grateful. We’re sad because: Christmas is never how it should be, because our families always disappoint us, because we’re broke, because we’re alone. Most of our woes are fixable. Maybe not this year, but by next year for sure. There are people in this world that will starve to death today. There are people in this world that will freeze to death tonight. They would love to have to deal with holiday depression.

And of course, this is not what Christmas is all about. Christmas is all about loving and sharing. The best way to accomplish our holiday task and still stay true to the spirit of Christmas is by committing ourselves to Christmas card making or making some personally. Christmas card making is one of the cheapest and yet the most thoughtful gift that you can give someone this Christmas.

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Celia, out of breath, panted and wiped her hair from her eyes. She glanced around the station. Things looked like a police station. There were files on one desk. There was an area for finger printing on the walls. Posters about laws and legal cards procedures covered the walls. Then there were some candy machines near the front doors. There was also one of those bottled water dispensers. Celia walked over to it and got herself a small cold cup of water. She had eaten all of her breakfast in the cab and now she needed the hydration.

Of course, Salt Lake is famous for scrapbookers and do-it-yourselfers. If you’re looking to make your own holiday card this year, consider one of these inexpensive card kits. At most Target locations they offer a clearance $1 section towards the front of the store. You can often find homemade holiday card making kits for $1. Kits will make 8 cards and include all materials and envelopes. Other scrapbook stores around the valley offer similar kits in sets of 12 or more. Use a 40% or 50% off coupon at places like Michaels or Roberts Crafts and a set of 12 cards could cost you as low as $2 or 3.

Looking for an educational activity you and your teen can do together? How about starting your own book group? The group could simply be you and your teen or you could invite others to join in the literary fun. Have the book group read books, perhaps those usually read in high school or freshmen English classes in college, and then have them compare the book to a movie adaptation. If there is more than one movie based on the book, have them add that version to their analysis. Discuss comprehension questions, literary devices, themes and the different parts of the novel. Discuss with teens how the movie adaptation was different from the book and how reading the book first changes their understanding of the novel.