Does Lasik cause pain during or after Lasik?

Millions of people have benefitted from Lasik to get rid of their refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Although there are some common temporary side effects of Lasik that go away with time. The success rate of this laser treatment is very high. However, the success of Lasik depends on several factors like thickness of the cornea, overall health, etc. You can visit us for a thorough examination of your eyes for Lasik surgery in Delhi ( You can clear all your doubts with our ophthalmologist about Lasik and its consequences. Lasik is a wonderful procedure to eliminate the use of visual aids and offers a quick recovery time.

Lasik surgery cost in India (visual aids centre) is reasonable and totally worth investing for correcting your refractive errors. Understanding the procedure of Lasik will assure that the associated pain is very minimal. Although pain is very rare it does not last more than a few hours. However, you may feel pressure on your eyes after the process.

How does Lasik work?

Lasik uses a special cutting excimer laser to reshape your cornea. It improves your vision by removing a calculated amount of tissue from your cornea such that the light hits the retina to form a clear image naturally. The changes after Lasik are permanent. New and modern technology has made the process much easier and reliable. It is faster surgery with less pain and higher recovery time. It hardly takes 20-30 minutes to operate an eye. Also, you are released from the hospital after a few hours post Lasik.

Pain during Lasik process

The doctor uses numbing eye drops so that you do not feel any pain while the ongoing procedure. The procedure is so fast that you will not feel a thing. However, you may experience a slight pressure on your eyes. The anesthetic eye drops reduce any pain that may occur during the process. Also, some surgeons prescribe medication to help you relax before the process. The whole process is bladeless so it does not hurt during the surgery.

Two types of lasers are used during the process. The laser does not cause any pain, but you may feel a pressure sensation. It feels the same as you press your palm or the heel of your hand into your eye after a long and tiring day.

Pain after Lasik

Several hours after Lasik, you may feel temporary discomfort and itchiness in your eyes. Some people notice an improvement in their eyesight after 3-4 hours. But you may experience blurry and hazy vision for a few days. It is completely normal because the cornea takes time to heal completely. The doctor will prescribe you eye drops and other medications to treat any sort of discomfort and mild pain.

After Lasik, patients usually feel discomfort due to dry eyes and sensitivity to bright light. So, make sure you use eye drops for lubrication. Also, wear eye-protective shields and sunglasses to guard your eyes against UV rays and bright light.