Ex Sweaty Hands Sufferer Shares How Iontophoresis Treatments Effectively Stop Sweaty Palms

If you suffer from excess sweating, I bet one simple question brought you to this article: how can I stop excess sweating? For the longest time I suffered from sweating all the time for no apparent reason. I just thought it was genetics and never put much thought into it. I just thought all antiperspirants don’t work well. I was wrong. There are cures for it and some are better than others.

The treatments were really simple because all I had to do was to place my palms in water for about fifteen minutes twice every day. I used a special device which is called iontophoretic machine which sent a weak electrical current to that water.

Iontophoresis: This is a little weird, but it is common. Basically the idea is that through water, you can drive an electrical current through the skin, which will cause the sweat glands to close for a period of time. Typically it is around a week and than they open back up. Yet another solution that doesn’t deal with the problem.

So I’ve started searching for a efficient low risk treatment for sweaty hands. At the start all I found were treatments that had high chance of experiencing side effects and I’ve chosen not to try them because I didn’t want to make my life worse then it was. See, some people who went through with treatments like surgery started experiencing horrible side effects that made everything even worse then how it was before the procedure.

The process is a simple one. Simply soak your palms in separate trays of water and connect the device. This is a twenty minute procedure which needs to be repeated daily over a one week period. Thereafter, you will finally have dryer palms. To maintain the desired level of dryness, you will maintain it with repeating one session every three weeks. And that is all there is to it. You can do the procedure at the clinic or at home with your own device.

The exact cause of sweaty hands is not clearly identified. But it is assumed that it is caused due to hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system. When the nervous system fails to function properly, this condition is activated at the wrong time. The result is sweaty hands. There are several options to cure this problem, but many a times they don’t give permanent relief.

Before we start with ways to prevent sweaty palms, I would like to guide you with the cause of it. This is caused due to abnormal functioning of the sweat glands of our hands. There are various doctors who suggest excision of these abnormal sweat glands for curing this problem. Many find this treatment good, but there are some side-effects of this surgery to other parts of the body in some cases. After knowing this fact, now most people hesitate to take this surgery.

As I was using it in just 5 days my palms completely stopped sweating. I realized that I finally found a real answer to how to get rid of sweaty palms. So if you want to cure your sweaty palms I strongly suggest you do iontophoresis treatments.