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A well executed local SEO campaign can work wonders for any small business accountant, whether it’s an established practice or a start-up. Getting the foundations right makes it possible to build a strong local online presence and with that can come multiple listings high up in the search rankings. Here are some basic tips to help get that solid foundation built.

Accounting, like most professions, is governed by principles and concepts. If you follow them, you get the result you want. The people who you lead or manage don’t nicely conform to a set of norms. So you need to get comfortable dealing with ambiguity. So how do you do this? Simply dive in, act, learn and adjust.

A lot of people think that accountant work is all about math. This however is not true. You should not think that it will be possible for an accountant to do tedious sums in mind just because he is an accountant. True he works with numbers but there is a lot more to that. He works with the analysis of financial reports; his work is concerned with the research of several aspects of a report.

Every business owner knows their business can’t survive without sales. Wonder why this is a question that is always asked by my clients: “How can I increase sales?” You may find yourself as a business owner asking this question too.

Well like I tell my clients, understanding these three steps: Showing you’re an expert, seeing from your customer’s point of view and having an accountant. Is a great way to jumpstart immediate sales and keep your customers coming back.

Company / Organisation – must be the name you do business as. Don’t include any additional details here such as city or town names and don’t include any keywords unless they are part of your actual business name, e.g. Joseph Bloggs Accountants Walthamstow Ltd.

The title tag for each page on your website should be unique, so that’s where the keyword analysis comes in handy. You can have separate pages for all the different services / keywords you would like to target, for example “Payroll Services”, “Annual Returns”, “VAT Returns”, etc.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows a positive outlook for accountants as they project an increase of 16% in jobs through 2020 with 190K new positions added. Financial analyst jobs are projected to rise 23% through 2020.