How To Make Anything Look Artsy: A Quick Guide To Vintage Editing Effects

The Great Marriage knows that you can become more attractive to your spouse by learning to be a better listener. And NOT listening is perhaps the single biggest cause for falling out of love.

That said, be careful of Christian advice that is dogmatic or that cannot be reconciled by your personal study of scripture. When Paul preached, the Bereans said: “Let us study the scriptures to see if these things are true.” You should follow that advice.

Another marriage cheating sign is if your spouse hangs up the phone every time you walk in. Your spouse doesn’t want you to know you they’re talking to on the phone and doesn’t want to look too suspicious.

The personal coach is just that, they work in the personal and intimate areas of life like relationships, family matters, נערות ליווי, etc. Being open and honest with your life coach is very important because if you don’t open yourself up then the coach will have a hard time ‘diagnosing’ the problem or giving you help.

Do hours turn into days, that turn into weeks and you still haven’t been contacted by your overdue partner? Might want to give the obits a quick glance through; then call them or drop by to make sure they haven’t moved. There is no need of trying to make it work; the dream is over, find another.

Our emotional needs make getting solid Christian relationship advice more critical today than it has ever been. Society is throwing a multitude of conflicting messages at us each day. The dating message is confusing enough for Christians without adding the influence of TV sitcoms, Hollywood movies, and pop culture magazines who set the tone for what is acceptable in relationships and marriage.

But then Kim Kardashian flirted with Justin Bieber and it was The Scarlet Letter all over again. Only apparently it won’t be an “A” for Adultery–it’ll be a “B” for “Bieber Fever”.

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