Making A Candle – Wax Safety

If you own leather work boots, you are probably well aware of how expensive a good quality pair are. While you may not be able to get them any cheaper, there are ways you can extend the life of your work boots. Over time, this will save you money, making it well worth the little extra time you spend caring for them.

When the leather becomes too wet, or overly dry, it tends to crack and destroy your footwear. If this happens, rub some lanolin thoroughly into the leather to soften it. Emu oil can also be used for the same purpose. Always use a shoe brush that is soft to help distribute the oil well. Brushing will also ensure that no dirt clings to the surface of the leather.

For the markings, they can be transferred easily. For instance, for the notches and darts, clip very tiny pieces into the seam allowance. Then to mark the hem allowances, darts, pockets, buttonholes, and so on, simply use wax chalk, testing it first on a piece of scrap.

Conditioning the leather will extends its life. Choose the conditioner that is made for your type of leather. Apply to a soft, clean cloth and work into the leather, taking care to get seams. Make sure you condition evenly. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Bicast leather, sometimes called coated leather, is similar to split grain leather. The difference lies in the application of polyurethane on the surface. This type is quite durable. Originally used only in the making of shoes, it is now found as upholstery in high-traffic businesses such as bars and restaurants. Since it is synthetic, the price tends to be lower than more natural forms of leather craft workshop.

Camel skin gives us quite tough leather that comes with natural finishing. Wild camel leather is different from other types as these animals have scar on their body. The uniqueness lies in the natural healing of these scars. It is used for dress shoes also.

Well, the rolled leather dog collar is designed in a way to never allow a rough edge to touch your furry friend. The collar has smooth, rounded edges and is very comfortable for all dog breeds. These collars usually have a buckle and extra ring for dog tags and a leash. Colors choices are: black, brown, tan, white, pink and red.

Leave the pieces to dry completely. You can use a little heat from a hairdryer if they are taking a long time, but be careful as this can make your leather dry and brittle.