Personalize Your Wine

I’m a bit socially challenged. I have friends at work that I chat with on a regular basis, but find myself a bit shy when encountering someone new. A few years ago, I worked for a publishing company and a group of us started up a silly group to socialize and get to know each other better. It doesn’t matter which website it was. From there we each hosted a party. I had a series of parties, but the favorite in my mind was the “Wine and Chocolate Party”, with fourteen people attending. I had hosted parties of eight before, but never to that great an extent.

Dagoba Organic Chocolate – dark 59% is a great dark chocolate to pair with a dry, fruity red Wine such as California’s Wild Bunch Red . This is a surprisingly good Wine and Chocolate Gift Set, with flavors of strawberries and raspberries that complement your dark chocolate very well. These two were simply meant to go together. And, I love the label. It would make a cool tattoo!

As our good fortune would have it, we happen to have a gourmet chocolatier in Savannah’s Historic District just off of Wright Square. In fact, it’s called The Wright Square Cafe, sort of a coffee shop and confectionary all in one. They carry imported, domestic and house made varieties and they are all top drawer. Their truffles will make you swoon.

The meal started with a light ceviche with mango and cilantro. This wasn’t our favorite dish of the night, mainly because we don’t typically enjoy cilantro. However, the fish Wine and Chocolate fruit was very fresh and it made for a nice palate cleanser for the delicious food to come.

A little effort would go a long way, too. Cook him his favorite dish and invite him over for a romantic picnic or dinner. Bake him a birthday cake, invite his friends over and surprise him with a birthday party.

The day of the party I spent a lot of time on the details. I figured out how to set up the chairs. I only had four dining room chairs, plus can seat 3 on my couch. I asked a few people to bring folding chairs, or perhaps they would not mind sitting on my comfy plush carpet, amid pillows. I didn’t want separate chat zones, I wanted everyone to be seated together to make it a one group effort.

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