Smiths’ New Idea For Thanksgiving Family Reunion Party – Make Dvd Slideshow As Background

Thanksgiving is the happy time for us to have a good rest and reunite with family and friends. In the festival, you must have taken a lot of photos to reserve the precious flash. Do you want to show the photos of happiness through more ways like TV, Webs, mobile devices, etc for wide sharing? If yes, a solution can come to use – create a PowerPoint photo album.

When you find a picture that knocks you cold, buy it and use it as your background template. Then look for additional images that build on the theme of the first one and use them where appropriate–perhaps to define your topics.

To apply a template to one slide in PowerPoint, you will need to select that slide in the left panel. Once it is selected, you will need to click the arrow on the design that you want to use. When the menu for that design opens, click the Apply to Selected Slides option. That will apply the template just to the slide you have selected.

There are a few ways to plan your presentation. Some people use sticky notes and arrange them on walls, some use simple word processing documents and arrange their Free Keynote templates in words first and all of these methods work. I’d like to suggest answering two questions before you plan your presentation slide by slide: “what does my audience want to hear?” and “what do I want my audience to think about after my presentation is over?”. Use these questions to guide your outline and planning of the presentation.

Let us change the colour of the object to green by choosing green from the Fill Colour drop down box. To complete your change simply choose the OK button. Now what you should notice is that you have one green button. You could now go through and change every single button and customise the slide master to look the way you require.

PROS – It’s free! That’s an obvious one. You can easily search on Google for “free templates” and you will find many websites where you can preview and download many templates in HTML format or for CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. If you download one an don’t like it you can easily find another.

DVD player is widely available and easy to use, even old mommy and small kid can play the DVD. Thus they can enjoy the precious photos easily if you make photo albums which can be viewed on TV with a DVD player. Also DVD can comparatively store more information. It is also a good way to back up bulk of the photos.

If you want to apply a template to all of the slides in your presentation, you will need to click one of the slides in the left panel to select it. Then you will need to click the arrow on the template that you want to use. In the menu that opens, you will need to click the Apply to All Slides option. All of your slides will then have the same design.