Whittle Down Your Workday – 6 Steps To Making Your Business Run Itself

PATLive is a telephone answering service offered to a wide array of businesses. Studies have shown that people prefer talking with a person and not an automated IVR system. The service was founded in the early 90’s in Tallahassee Florida. It has expanded nationwide and has services that have also moved internationally. The company offers its services to businesses ranging from home offices to government agencies.

Is Call answering services there a special project boiling over on the back-burner that you’ve been wanting to do? Your VA can help with research, planning and coordination, leaving you free to continue your focus on your core-business function.

There are thousands of typing possibilities and even more people looking for the services of a typing agency. Typing requests will come from business people, doctors, lawyers, authors, students and even job seekers. Some possible typing jobs may include resumes, sales letters, flyers, lawyers letters, student assignments, announcements, manuscripts, newsletters, etc.

Unlike staff, your outsourced answerpoint.co.uk won’t take time off sick or go on holiday. Nor will they turn up late or ask for time off for the dentists.

Make sure you’re in a position of advancement. If you look upward, and there’s no rung on the ladder for you to feasibly reach, consider switching jobs; or, find a small business that’s struggling, buy it, and fix it. To attain freedom, you must be in a position where upward mobility and management is possible.

I have met people who only hand out business cards if they think the person they’re talking to will want it. They say this with almost a sense of pride, as though they are above those of us who hand out our card to anyone who asks. They don’t understand that while the person they’re talking to might not need their product or service, how about people they know?

Lastly, other than the tips above, it may be good to know if the virtual office premise is owned or leased by the operator. Can you imagine how troublesome it would be, if someday they decide to move due to some tenancy issue?